Ackee Studios

Ackee Studios is an integrated design firm that builds the capacity of creative professionals and connects quality products with discerning markets.

Ackee Studios Limited was founded in Kingston Jamaica in 2014; and was awarded the USAID: Innovation for Export Grant on its inception.

Customers include: The University of the West Indies, Ink+Vision Limited and the Competitiveness Company.


Pilachi provides visual communication and policy support to International Development Partners, and National Governments, in diverse areas of co-operation.

Pilachi Limited was founded in Accra, Ghana in 2007.

Customers include the Government of Jamaica; The Government of Trinidad and Tobago; the Delegations of the European Commission to Ghana, Togo, Tanzania and the East African Community.


Sekani.Design is the design lab of Ackee Studios’ founder, Akindele Hickling: an award-winning artist; professionally trained in Architecture, Urban Design and Industrial Design, at Pratt Institute.

Sekani.Design was established in New York, NY in 2003.

With artwork in private collections on four (4) continents, Akindele was awarded “Most Outstanding Adult Artist” by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the National Gallery of Jamaica in 2008.


Development.Associates focuses on social, urban and rural development in emerging markets.

Development Associates Limited was founded in Kingston, Jamaica in 1987.

Mas Production

Mas Production was established to build industrial design capacity in the Caribbean; focusing on derivative markets of the masquerade industry and competitive advantage in the fifty two (52) diaspora carnivals of “mas.

Mas Production Limited was founded in Trinidad and Tobago in 2011.